Mr.Sunil Prasad

After establishing a temple of education for nurturing the minds of children in the form of BP Institute of Management Studies, we started our journey to mould Managers in 2008 through our institution. Paving a glorious path for future managers our Institute started its first batch of MBA in 2009. The Institute owes its success to the pillars of the Institute -the Management, the teaching Staff, the non-teaching Staff but above all to the Students who have faith on a budding Institute like us.


A modern, state-of-the-art infrastructure surrounded by lush greenery and the healthy environment renders the Institute's campus very attractive. Also the clever landscaping enhances beauty of well-designed campus. The classrooms, administrative blocks, work-shop, library or laboratories; everything is carefully planned to afford spatial comfort to Student, Teacher and Administrative staff during long working hours. Until now, science had made great breakthroughs in Finance, Human REsource, Operations, Product Management and other branches. We have a system of imparting all round development through regular Personality Development classes inbuilt in the Time Table.


I firmly believe that if used with great compassion, wisdom and understanding, science & technology can easily abolish Ignorance, Illiteracy, Poverty and Malnutrition from the entire universe. Proper application of Science & Technology can alter everything from agriculture to socio-economic developments and usher in significant qualitative change in human life. However, to make it happen, we must synthesize Science & Spirituality. And I earnestly wish, our Students and Teachers shall need teachings of great spiritual gurus.


Our Vision is : to safeguard human race from destruction by alleviating illiteracy. And our Sole Goal in promoting BP Institute of Management Studies is to provide world-class intellectual, Material and Spiritual Tools enabling our Students & Teachers, to develop an all round personality.


Come ! Let us save this world from splitting warring campus. Instead, let us produce peace warriors to promote peace. And I want our students & teachers to practice the principle of i.e. Universe is one family; and must work had for.. i.e. For the benefit and well-being of mankind.


I take this opportunity to wish good luck to both Students & teachers of BP Institute of Management Studies; and bless them to scale new heights in Academic Excellence and to create fresh benchmarks in Science & Technology.


Best Wishes